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星期五, 3月 19, 2010

2014 半山區沉沒

昨日南華日報的頭條: Limits on building in Mid-Levels could go,揭發特區政府原來打算在推動八成強拍之後,於 2014 年取消半山區的高度發展限制!理由是西港島線通車,以及兩條新加的行人天橋,相信會令半山住幾千萬豪宅的有錢佬放棄私家車,改以行樓梯同地鐵返工!哈哈哈哈哈!

政府的笑點!原來政府「估計」,在 2021 年的半山區,只會比今日增加二千個單位!原來強拍八成通過後,在取消高度限制下的發展商重建,政府估計每座大廈只會增加十三個單位!即係原來增高幾十層,每層一個單位都冇!



也難怪政府突發「善心」,要建設世界最貴的西港島線!原來是用來應付對交通一點都唔明白的一般市民--用此作為藉口,去推翻港英早於 1972 定下的半山區高度發展限制!嘈塞車又係佢地,「評估」唔會惡化塞車又係佢地!說唔需要增加隧道的係佢地,叫一般小市民在已經飽和的隧道再開去西隧畀四十五蚊益榮太子的又係佢地!


機心高到咁,大家真係要寫個服字畀佢地!如果呢班官用佢地官商勾結的 1% 心,去認真少少做下市政民生問題,點會搞到咁低民望呢又?其他的問題,林忌今晚冇時間再評論同分析,明天補上--請看原文吧

According to a document submitted by the Transport and Housing Bureau to the Central and Western District Council for discussion today, removing the moratorium would only add 250 flats to the 32,080 projected for the area by 2021.

This suggests the impact of the move on traffic flows would be limited. Officials predict that morning peak-hour traffic will grow by 11 per cent by 2021 with the projected home construction, and by 11.74 per cent if the moratorium is lifted.

But a district councillor and a lawmaker believe its assumption that the number of flats in the area will only grow by 2,080 - or 7 per cent - in the next 11 years is unrealistic. The area has 30,000 flats now.

Officials expect the opening of the MTR line to take one in 12 vehicles off the roads around Sai Ying Pun, the University of Hong Kong and Kennedy Town. They also point to road improvement works and plans to build two more escalators - one connecting East Conduit Road to the Sheung Wan MTR station via Seymour Road and Ladder Street, the other between West Conduit Road and the new Sai Ying Pun MTR station via Lyttelton and Bonham roads.

Like the existing Mid-Levels escalator, they would carry people downhill in the morning and uphill the rest of the day. Officials believe the escalators would encourage people who now drive to work to take the escalators.

The findings are contained in a review the government commissioned on the Mid-Levels Moratorium two years ago after the Ombudsman criticised the policy as ill-conceived and poorly planned. The study was meant to show whether the policy was useful in easing Mid-Levels' traffic problems and whether it should be supplemented, strengthened or replaced.

While the government promises the moratorium will not be lifted now, it says doing so once the West Island Line opens will not have much impact on the area's traffic.

There are 420 plots of land in Mid-Levels, but only 47 of them - four government sites and 43 private sites with leases containing restrictions on redevelopment - fall under the moratorium's control. A further 26 sites are designated for government and community use.

That leaves 347 private plots - many of them the sites of old tenements a few storeys high. They are not governed by the moratorium and there are no provisions in their land leases to restrict the size of buildings. The government says only 161 of these unrestricted sites have redevelopment potential.

Some believe blocks dozens of storeys high could be built on them.

"If you say the redevelopment of 161 sites would only add 2,080 flats, that means each site will only bring an extra 13 flats. Is that even logical?" asked legislator Cyd Ho Sau-lan.

A government planner said the sites were bound by building height and plot ratio limits in the Buildings Ordinance or outline zoning plan.

The chairman of Central and Western District Council, Chan Tak-chor, said the government's assumption about growth in the number of flats was wrong because the plot ratio of many old buildings was still far below that allowed by the zoning plan. He fears an underestimate of the number of additional flats redevelopment will create will aggravate traffic problems. A 2005 study showed vehicles travelled along Bonham Road and Caine Road, two of the area's major arteries, at only 14.6km/h.

The review the government has sent to the district council says imposing further limits on the gross floor area of new buildings could reduce the number of flats by only 930 and would do little to mitigate traffic jams since the sites are are scattered.




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